The Tanning Process


Similar to the difference between genuine and non-genuine leather, 90% of the leather products you see online are tanned (or colored) with chrome tanning method. The chrome tanning method uses a short cut for giving the desired color to the leather. The outcome is just what you see on the screen but it has a bad smell and the whole process is not environment-friendly.


On the other hand, all leather products sold on Lexther are naturally tanned with tree bark or vegetable oil. First, this is a totally environment-friendly process and has no effect on human health. Secondly, leather that has been tanned with natural oil breaks in easily and gives a rich tan look with time. This is a kind of product your grandfather would have been proud of since there was no chemical tanning in his time and everything was natural and old school. The process that we use for making this leather for you takes around 6 weeks whereas the chrome tanning process is a 2 day game with effects far-reaching than you can ever imagine. Even if you don’t buy from us, ensure that the leather you get in naturally tanned.

If you have not yet used full grain genuine leather that has been tanned naturally with no additives, you are missing out on one of the most natural joys created for mankind. Get one now from our collection.