Leather 101

Leather 101

The world has grown in a strange manner where people have decided to stay home and order everything online. This is the way of the world so we have adapted to this very methodology as it is fun, easy and convinient. This has also given online entrepreneurs a reason to take advantage of. The memes talking about what you order online and what you get are circulating on our feeds every day. The case is especially strong when we talk about genuine leather products. There are so many verities to choose from which are even not identified by experts. Therefore we have formulated a guide for you to understand the difference between leather products. You can use this guide to ensure that you get what you pay for.

This is 90% of leather that is being sold in the world. Especially in countries, where winters are not harsh cheap plastic grade leather are used. Sometimes it is faux (not real) leather and sometimes it is cheap sheep leather. You do not want to buy this leather apparel at all. The first problem is that it looks more like rexine than leather. Therefore if you find the same product we have on Amazon, AliBaba, Ali express at half our price, be sure that you are in for a surprise when you order it.

Sheep/Faux leather and the fake shine

Then comes an intelligent brand of leather manufacturers that leech upon the big successful ones. Every day, millions of leather manufacturers sell their QA discarded or used leather hides which are bought by these lower cater manufacturers. The leather is genuine and nice, but not always the case as sometimes the quality is really bad and sometimes good. They call their leather “genuine leather” as it is but the lower quality means that it may rag, tear or discolor over the period of time. Since it goes out of their warranty period they are happy with it. Don’t fall for this trick either and confirm from the online seller whether they manufacture their own leather or purchase it? This is a trick question, and you can save yourself from spending thousands of dollars on a 100$ product.

You can also buy scrap leather here

This is where Lexther steps in and your real leather journey start. We have outsourced genuine leather manufacturers that produce genuine full grain leather just for us. The same leather is then supplied to our artisans that have over 20 years of experience in making leather bags, wallets, jackets and vests. The accessories and lining we use are top of the line. However, if you still think that it cannot be afforded in the price we ask you for, then the answer lies in the fact that we cut cost like crazy. This model has been designed for this project alone so we sell more and help more. Therefore, the profit margins for running this project have been kept to the bare minimum.

The real full/top grain genuine leather

The leather is never found in the ideal color as one animal is different from another. Therefore, all leather (if need to be matched) go under tanning (or coloring process). There are a number of tanning processes that you may have never heard of. Check out our leather tanning processes here