About Us


For about 40 years, we have sold consumer goods in the American Market. This was way before the “Made in China” invasion when products were sturdy and long-lasting. The new wave of “low-cost & disposable” came and still persists but we stuck to our model where only genuine products were sold. This started from typewriters, fax machines, scarves, wool shawls and ultimately full grain genuine leather products. We made millions of dollars over the years, but the realization hit us hard that we never made friends. We were so busy running after money that we could not see our real purpose in this world, to help people.

This is when Lexther came to mind, a project which sells and helps! Since the communities that help us creating leather products were not blessed, we decided to help them first and if the project goes big, we go into larger social projects. As a first step, we have monthly targets to achieve so we can help the people that need our help most. You can check out this month’s status here. As a start, 10% of all excerpts go back to the cause. The percentage is low because we are not at full throttle at the moment which means our overheads are way out of control. 

We are in this to help people (especially children) that were not raised in a privileged county, city, state, province or a country itself. Join us in helping by getting one of the finest leather apparel the world has to offer which you can check out here. Be the change you want to see in the world!