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Customer Reviews

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Fringed Brown Genuine Leather...


Genuine Leather Crop Jacket


Genuine Leather Black Cape...


Peplum Hem Genuine Leather...


Classic Burgundy Leather Jacket


Striped Leather Classic Jacket


Tan Brown Genuine Leather...


Chocolate Brown Leather Jacket


Bright Orange Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have been a men-only commodity in the past. However, with changing time and an increase in female expression of fashion, art, and independence the use of leather commodities has shifted the complete paradigm. This holds good for not only leather bags and boots but also genuine leather fashion jackets for women. The myth that big bad Leather jackets are for big men riding big motorcycles only has been shattered by women on wheels and the promotion like alike. Now a genuine leather jacket is not only designed and sold for women but they also rock any and every design possible. This is precisely why Lexther jumped on the bandwagon and has started producing the meanest genuine leather women jacket designs possible. Why should 50% of the world’s population be deprived of genuine handmade leather apparel? However, we brought in an expert to explain the laws of women leather jackets on different attires. Let’s get started with your guide to rocking a genuine leather handmade jacket! Every design has been built with a purpose and a specific lady in mind.

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