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Customer Reviews

Briefcase Bags (13)

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Some bags demand more than a second look, they demand equality at every point in your life; be it success or failure. The genuine leather briefcase bags with distressed looks that pours the vintage design out is for the genuine leather enthusiasts. With a touch of Indiana Jones and durability of Super Man, you will have the ideal mix of vintage and modern packed in one soft genuine leather handmade briefcase if you chose either of the genuine leather bags designed, produced and sold by Lexther. All the genuine leather bags come with brass attachments that live a lifetime. Once you get hold of one genuine leather handmade briefcase bag from Lexther, you will not be needing another one for life. Although, getting a new design now and then just adds flavor to your official routine which no one can deny. Furthermore, every one of these bags is made by hand by artisans that have been in the leather bag creating business for decades. Small imperfections in the bag add to the nonmachine made detail that usually costs a fortune, but never crosses the 200 dollar mark at Lexther.

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