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Customer Reviews

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Bags, especially leather bags were considered to be a high-end commodity for the Gucci wearing, dollar raking rich people only. However, with the advent of technology and expansion of the global economy, a genuine leather appeal has been made available for the masses as well. Lexther is the pioneer of introducing genuine leather apparel at unbelievable prices. However, buying a leather bag is a one-off thing and therefore, you need to be sure while buying a ‘man bag’. Lexther has brought out a complete line of bags made with genuine leather for you to savor for the years to come. Genuine leather bag combined with an aura of vintage texture makes these genuine leather bags a sure treat to have and take out every day for work, weekends for fun or the occasional traveling stint. Not only can we assure you that these bad babies give you a rich and authentic look but also guarantee second glances and comments from every path you take with one of these on your shoulder. Therefore, you want to look the part with a naturally treated vintage genuine leather handmade bag than take you to pick from a vast variety of options between shoulder, backpack and duffel bags that Lexther has specially designed just for you.

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