Women’s guide for rocking a leather jacket!!

Women’s guide for rocking a leather jacket!!


Leather jackets are for big men riding big motorcycles. This was the sole strategy on which Lexther built a name for itself. However, with years progressing, we experienced that fashion and prosperity are not defined by gender but by common sense. For this reason alone, people at Lexther decided to launch a complete collection of women's fashion jackets. Why should 50% of the world’s population be deprived of genuine handmade leather apparel? However, we brought in an expert to explain the laws of women leather jackets on different attires. Let’s get started with your guide to rocking a leather jacket!

Add The Bright Stars

No women style is ever complete without a bright flashy color that yells out her fashion statement. Bright jewelry and a vibrant color jacket that shouts a feminine vibe is something that you need this year and the years to come. Experiment with colors and shoes to match, which makes your style statement one that stands out. Get the Classic Red Leather Jacket from Lexther and add that flavor in life that you may have been missing with your vibrantly dressed personality.

Classic Red Leather Jacket

Monochrome Never Fades

Many fashion waves have come and gone. There have been times when the fashion statements from the time of our grandparent’s time have been plastered all over the city. However, there is one set of fashion styles that never goes out which is the monochrome shade. Add the Classic Belted Genuine Leather Jacket to your monochrome setting and it gives a 60s look that is still valid and will remain so for years to come. A neutral basic shirt with black jeans and a black jacket gives off a “don’t mess with me” vibe and gives you the confidence to take charge of your day!

Classic Belted Genuine Leather Jacket

The Dress Combination

No woman wants to be underdressed for any kind of occasion. However, the love of a genuine leather jacket may compel you to combine the two. In this case layer over a dress or skirt when it’s chilly outside to add some warmth, as well as detail and softness to the outfit. This outfit can be professional enough to wear to work or a meeting while allowing you to stand out! Get the Classic Black Leather Jacket in order to match it with any dress in your wardrobe.

Classic Black Leather Jacket

The Sporty Look

The current trend dictates a sporty look with a touch of style and professional aura. This can be achieved by a nice pair of trousers, a hoodie, and that 70’s Lucca Racer Jacket. You can also wear a movable legging and sneakers with a tee underneath to achieve this lady on-the-go outfit! You can move to your gym and back to work without breaking a sweat. Although we do recommend sweating in the gym (as most of those doctors).


Layer With A Scarf

When it is chilly and you want to match style with comfort, go for any of the collection available at Lexther that can go with a scarf to match your overall attire. A plaid print is a great choice; it adds some pattern while completing the look. A knit sweater material is also a popular addition because it can keep you super warm as well as balancing the shiny, harsh material of the jacket with a soft, movable texture.


There is a leather jacket out there for each one of you; it is just a matter of time when you find your style. There is no compulsion of having one genuine leather jacket in your wardrobe when you can fill it with color and style. So, express your personality through your jacket, be it a bright red sexy look or an oversized brown leather coat. Maybe some fringe hanging from the arms would express your wild personality! Maybe you want unique studs or rhinestones to show off your love of glam. Have fun with it!

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