The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Right Leather Jacket.

The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Right Leather Jacket.

Some things are usually bought once in life, just like some once in a lifetime decisions where you usually don’t get a second swing at it. However, we at Lexther believe in selling a genuine handmade leather jacket just once to one customer so he is set for life. Such is the quality of our products that we bet that you won’t be needing another leather jacket. However, this decision must be deliberated before execution as you want your style to last a lifetime too (unless you want more than one jacket than we have a score of genuine jackets to choose from). We put forward a number of tips and tricks that you can employ in selecting the right jacket for yourself.


How much should you spend?

This is the first question that you should ponder upon. There is a multiple of 50$ options on Amazon claiming to be genuine leather but you know that the reality is far from it. Anywhere between 150$ and 5000$ is the right range for you. However, we would strongly suggest that you should avoid an expensive leather jacket from a renowned designer as you can get the same cut and quality without an expensive tag!


Motorcycle or Fashion Jacket

This is the next query to ponder upon. If you ride bikes, then the answer is pretty simple. If you don’t ride bikes at all, the answer is evident too. However, the difficulty arises when you have night outs where the weather plays a role, be it on a bike or in a car. This is where your choice should be based upon your respective fashion statement. If you portray a cool sturdy image than this deluxe handmade leather jacket is the one for you. However, if you believe in subtleness than this straight down collar jacket is the right pick for you.


Genuine Leather or Faux Leather

This is one crossroad that you should not even think about while deciding. If you decide to get a leather jacket, then you should get a leather jacket indeed. There is no point in getting a faux leather jacket even if it looks real. Since the realness of the jacket will fade away over time (likely within months) you should ALWAYS go for a handmade genuine full-grain leather jacket.


Straight up or Cross Lapel jacket

This is one of the most difficult questions people ask us when they are confused about which style to choose. We usually have a thumb rule in this case which dictates that if you are a jeans kind of a person then you should get a cross lapel jacket. However, if you are straight pants kind of a person then the straight jacket is one for you. However, personal choices can always overrule this homemade rule for Lexther.


Black Brown or Red!

As it goes, black and brown are king but our red cross lapel leather jacket ruffles the feather of this very theory. Black jackets are nice but since so many leather enthusiasts just go for black, we have developed a shade of black which is distressed that gives an aroma of richness about the jacket. Moreover, a brown jacket is always safe as it goes with all kinds of clothing. Maybe we have confused you more with the color selection, but we haven’t got it right either way.  

Therefore, if you are in a crossroads of which style or size to get, just shoot us an email at and we will assist you with all our experience. Moreover, you can check out the complete collection before you make the decision of a lifetime. Let’s Leather.

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