The Best Briefcase Bags For Men You Should Try

The Best Briefcase Bags For Men You Should Try

Bags, especially leather bags were considered to be a high-end commodity for the Gucci wearing, dollar raking rich people only. However, with the advent of technology and expansion of the global economy, the genuine leather appeal has been made available for the masses as well. Lexther is the pioneer of introducing genuine leather apparel at unbelievable prices. However, buying a leather bag is a one-off thing, and therefore, you need to be sure while buying a ‘man bag’, especially if you have a fashion statement to carry on who has decided that a genuine leather bag will be your sidekick. We help with some notes of ours on how to select the most stylish bag for men available on Lexther. Let us look at some of the best briefcase bags for men that you should try.


The Indiana Jones Look Is One Of The Best Briefcases Bags For Men

If you love standing out with one of the best briefcases bags for men, then this genuine handmade buffalo leather briefcase is exactly the right pick for you. Some bags demand more than a second look, they demand equality at every point in your life; be it success or failure. This genuine leather Buffalo bag with a distressed heart is one for the genuine leather enthusiasts. With a touch of Indiana Jones and durability of Super Man, you have the ideal mix of vintage and modern packed in one soft leather briefcase that can be converted into a messenger bag in the blink of an eye. With genuine brass attachments that live a lifetime, you will not be needing another bag again.


The Rusty Look

The Genuine Leather Retro Rustic Handmade Bag gives you an aesthetic edge when you walk in your office, school, or even a weekend cottage. Not only does the leather bags allow you to carry your laptop but all other essentials as well. The adjustable strap means that it can act as a briefcase and as well as a sturdy brown leather messenger bag made from buffalo hide. A true Eco-friendly and durable bag for the generations to come!


The Authentic Look

Some bags are made in heaven, whereas some matches are made in this world. This genuine handmade vintage goat leather bag is the ideal bag made with you in mind! One thing is for sure, that you will not regret ordering this highly durable bag with genuine brass attachments that last a lifetime. Throw away your boring style person and replace it with this modern era fashion statement that will rock your world. This is one of the best briefcases bags for men that is most sought around the world.


The Classic Bag

Rarely will you see any other men’s bag that you will fall in love with after the first glance? Adorning a natural leather look and soft touch, this Handmade Brown Vintage Leather Briefcase Bag made from goat leather knows no limits when it comes to style for the perfect briefcase. The build of this buffalo leather briefcase is a show of superiority in style and poise closely matching the ego of an affluent businessman.


The Big One

If you are looking for a briefcase, that holds 2 laptops and a ton of stuff than this genuine leather explorer briefcase bag is just for you. The real deal when it comes to a full-grain leather briefcase backpack. The cowhide leather bag has two compartments inside for extra space with one outer pocket on the back that gives you extra space. Original brass attachments, buckles, and durable leather shoulder strap make it a long-lasting investment. This is one of the best briefcases bags for men when you talk about space and durability in a genuine leather bag.


The Minimalistic

If you want to blend in the scene with a normal bag that blends in every environment, then you should go for the vintage briefcase business bag. It is the most classical design used by college kids and professors alike so if ‘simple’ is the way to go for you, then this single laptop carrying bag is ideal for your daily needs.


The Antique Look

If an antique look in a men's brown leather briefcase then this is the ideal antique genuine leather bag for you. Large in size this brown leather provided adequate space for your laptops and all other offices/school supplies.  Waterproof and highly durable are only a few advantages that we can list for this briefcase. The supreme leather ages with time and keeps giving you new darker shade every year. The handle on top makes it a carry on if you don’t want to use the shoulder strap to carry it.


An all in one solution is never a possibility when you talk fashion. However, when you talk practicality, it is altogether a different ball game. Although, we will stick to the fashion game in this blog as men generally look for comfort more than fashion but you are not one of those boring men. You have taken life by the color and decided to live it to the fullest. Therefore, get one of the best briefcases bags for men for every occasion and rock every room that you walk in, be it your office, gym, or relative’s apartment. Get going!!

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