Protect Your Leather Jackets From COVID 19

Protect Your Leather Jackets From COVID 19

The global pandemic has taken over the world like it is right out of a Hollywood movie. However, there is no Keanu Reeves or Detective John McLain to save us from this agony and this is as real as it gets. Although, with the world somewhat coming back to senses with knowing that we will have to live with this virus for a considerable amount of time, life is getting back on track. This particularly means that you are going to be stepping outside or shopping online for various stuff. Even during the pandemic, March and April showed Christmas shopping trends all across the USA. This is particularly why companies like Lexther came up with certain strategies to keep their customers safe from COVID19 while they ordered their genuine handmade leather jackets and bags online via following certain SOPs.


Now that life is coming back to normality, you will be stepping out. If you already own leather jackets then you need to take certain precautions to safeguard from the virus attaching on to the leather and traveling around with you. The following precautions can be taken to ensure that the virus doesn’t travel with you on your leather jacket:-


Masks and gloves are the new normal

Before you think of disinfecting or protecting your clothes and apparel, the first thing you should protect is yourself. Never leave the home without a proper mask and gloves. Moreover, once you come back home, dispose of the mask and gloves (never re-use) and wash your hands for 20 seconds. If you don’t have a clock to time the 20 seconds then just sing happy birthday!! All safety precautions become secondary in this regard and irrelevant if you don’t wear the mask or gloves.



Clean your jacket

The best and easiest way is to clean your jacket after every trip outside. Remember that washing is hazardous to leather and may not kill the virus (if any on the surface). Therefore, use alcohol or leather cleaning material (mixed with few drops of alcohol) to clean your jacket. Research shows that spraying cleaning material leaves the virus on the surface. Therefore, always wipe the jacket and don’t miss the areas around the zippers and under the collar. 


Place jackets in sunshine

This is another way of keeping the virus at bay. Every time you visit the outside world, be it a bike ride or a trip to the grocery store; leave your jacket hanging in the sun for at least an hour. Do flip and do the same for the inner jacket as well since the virus can travel through contact easily. Wash your hands before and after you handle the jacket.


Keep it separate after an outdoor visit

As a precaution, try to keep the jacket in a place where it doesn’t come in contact with other clothes. The best place to keep it is on the outside or at the exit door so you wear and remove it before you enter the house properly. The social distancing of the jacket with other people and clothing items is as important as your social distancing with other people.


Disinfect the inside too

Once you are cleaning or disinfecting the jacket, never forget the inner lining as well as the inner pockets since you can never be too careful. Again, spraying on the inside may not be enough and therefore, just take an old rag with a few drops of alcohol or alcohol-based cleaner and wipe the insides. Do not forget the inside of the sleeve area as it can be easily missed.  


Avoid wearing it at public places

Since the COVID virus can survive on fabric and leather for about 72 hours, it is highly recommended that leather jackets may not be worn in public places. Even if you have properly disinfected them, there is no need to risk the lives of others with luxury apparel than can easily be substituted by cotton or fabric material.


It stays on the surface, be careful

Apart from being careful, there is not much that we as the human race can do unless a virus is engineered, tested, and provided in the open market. This is the best that we can do or hope for in the future. Maintain proper distancing and wear masks/gloves every time you step out of your home. As far as the genuine handmade leather jacket is concerned, they can be cleaned and worn with care so to worry about your jacket while you practice proper steps to avoid the COVID19 virus.



Therefore, you can follow the simple steps listed above to keep your leather jacket safe from active bacteria, viruses, and corona strands. These steps may look tedious and cumbersome every time you head out but they ensure your safety. Moreover, do not forget to wear a mask and gloves. As they say, the face mask is better than the hospital mask. TAKE CARE!



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