Lexther's Response To COVID-19

Lexther's Response To COVID-19

Lexther's response to COVID-19

Lexther has been on the constant struggle to make high-quality leather apparel at an affordable price so everyone has a leather product in the back of the trunk. However, this dream run seems to have a run into a speed bump, one which is threatening the way we have known life on this planet. Covid-19 has challenged everything humans have known about life. We know for a fact that we will bounce from this pandemic and Lexther will be back to providing you with premium leather apparel so you can get back out there and tell your grandkids “we survived a possible apocalypse”.

However, due to worldwide closure of factories and shipping services, Lexther has an important announcement to make which is as follows:-

“Due to lockdown around the production facilities, we are trying to keep Lexther’s production units safe and clean. However, due to the shipping companies being locked down, the shipments are being delayed. Furthermore, all shipping partners of ours are using methods to keep the virus at bay. You can read about preventive measures on their respective websites”


Similar steps are being taken at Lexther, as most of our personnel are safe at home and working from enclosed premises.

During this difficult hour, Lexther as an organization is doing its best to keep employees safe and employed. Lexther is looking after any medical or financial aid that may be required by them in these hard times. Some of the steps that Lexther has announced to take are as follows:-

  • No laying off
  • Donating 10$ from every sale for the fight against Covid-19
  • Offering $20 refund for delayed shipments to our customers so the business keeps running
  • Offering gift cards to customers that may want to buy from us later rather than now


However, YOU are the most important part of the fight against Covid-19. Please stay indoors and follow the preventive instructions dished out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health departments, as Lexther is doing the same.


In the end, Lexther and all its employees would personally like to ask for your assistance by not canceling any pending orders so Lexther can take care of its employees and businesses associated with its functioning. Your assistance in these tough times will be highly appreciated and rewarded in the future with lifetime discounts and exclusive deals. Stay indoors, stay safe and pray that we all get through this unscratched!

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