How To Survive The COVID-19 Lockdown

How To Survive The COVID-19 Lockdown

All of us (well at least everyone except essential personnel) have been in a state of lockdown for more than a month. This has given the meme artists in the world a grand opportunity to come up with artistic pieces about the lockdown, work from home scenarios and how we miss fresh air. On a serious note, this pandemic, the novel Coronavirus has disrupted life as we knew it.


Therefore, such circumstances require an extra effort on our part to survive this time. Lexther has taken all the precautionary measures spelled out here for your safety and the health of our employees. We suggest the following strategies to survive the lockdown and come out just as we went into it:-

Take Precautions

Extra precautions include washing hands and using personal protective equipment while you move out. It cannot be emphasized enough that going out should be made as scarce as possible and only be practiced when thoroughly necessary. In modern times, everything from a bar of soap to a new wife (pun intended) can be delivered. Therefore, leaving the house is not necessary until it is safe. However, if you are a front line health worker and staying home is not an option, then Lexther and all its employees have nothing but ultimate respect for you.



How easily can we get accustomed to the Pajama life and thrive on quickly made food!! This can have a devastating effect on your waist and in turn, the clothes that you have. You don’t want to come out of the lockdown with no wearable clothes. Therefore, incorporate at least 10 minutes of exercise routine in your daily routine along with keeping a watch on the unhealthy and fattening foods.


Communicate, Communicate & Communicate

If you own a business or a startup where employees are dependent upon your business, reach out, and communicate with them. Similarly communicate with all your previous customers so they know that you are up and running. If your business cannot be run in a lockdown (for example event management agency) then transform it into something that has value in the current scenario. A good example of such transformation is from event management to food delivery to front line health workers.

Plan Ahead

At present, the most intelligent minds in the world have no idea when this situation will end. Therefore, we need to plan it out before its too late. However, hoarding tissue paper is not and never should be part of the plan. Make variable plans based upon a situation that may arise and prepare yourself accordingly. The ideal short term planning should be between 1 and 4 weeks whereas long term plans should not exceed 3 months.


Retail Therapy

However, some of us have prepared well in advance for an apocalyptical situation. This includes being financially viable with some sort of passive income. This means that you are blessed and be thankful for such a situation. This also means that you can do shopping therapy as stores around the country have the greatest sales on with home delivery being the only option. Similarly, Lexther has come up with a 60% sale just to brighten your mood with genuine hand made leather apparel. If you are reading this now, check out the complete genuine Leather jacket range.


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