How to Soften Your Leather Bag?

How to Soften Your Leather Bag?

Leather bags have been a worth buying commodity since humankind has known the corporate culture. It is looked up as a sign of esteem and pride, even high stature in the corporate ladder if you walk in the halls with a genuine leather bag or leather briefcase. The olden days were rife with a stiff briefcase that even displayed in the James Bond movies. However, over time the hard briefcases transformed into soft leather bags that can go over the shoulder or double up as a backpack as well.

The same look of leather bags took over in Hollywood with Indiana Jones and Ethan Hunt (of MI fame) taking the lead. However, one thing that they never showed in these movies was that leather comes as a stiff material naturally and needs to soften with either the use or speeding up the home remedial process. The usual term of softening a leather bag is called “breaking in” which can be done intelligently at home without using almost 10 years to naturally break the leather. Therefore, let us look at some of the ways that you can easily soften your genuine leather bag.

The Magic Coconut oil

The first, foremost and best method is by using coconut oil that is available from the supermarket. Leave the bag in direct sunlight of ten minutes and then apply coconut oil with the help of a brush. Complete the process on all parts of your merchandise and then leave it to soak in a dry place. You can repeat the process on a weekly basis for fast results.


The easiest method is by using water on a regular basis. Just soak a cloth wet and wipe the bag every time before use. In no time, the leather will start getting softer by this method coupled with your usage. Remember, just to swab and wipe off excess water. Do not soak the leather under any circumstance.


If you are in a hurry, a quick tumble on a medium temperature setting is sure to get things loosened up. The ambient heat combined with the repeated impact from the spinning drum mimics the effects of wearing the leather for a long period. Make sure you only leave the item in the dryer for 10-15 minutes a time—any longer than that and it may begin to shrink or scorch.

Warm humid place

If you do not have a sauna readily available then your shower will do the trick. Put plastic over the bag and keep it in a corner where direct water does not splash but the steam from the bath conjures its magic. However, you can use the bag whenever you want but a month of this (if you take a bath daily that is!!) will soften the leather. Keep on wiping off the sweat before you use it though!

Leather conditioner

You can always buy a commercial leather conditioner and apply it as prescribed in the manual or behind the product itself. However, do remember that you need to spread the conditioner and not bathe the bag. Just use an old cloth or cotton as applying the conditioner directly can damage your bag.

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