How to select the ideal gift this season??

How to select the ideal gift this season??

 The Christmas bells are ringing and we can hear the chimes from far far away. This is the favorite time of the year for some people as they get to put their feet up and relax for a bit. Moreover, you get to receive gifts all wrapped up, something to cheer you up just before the New Year resolutions takes center stage. Getting a gift under the tree is the easy part, the difficult part is selecting an appropriate gift for your loved ones. Therefore, we have come up with in house suggestions that will help you select the best gift for your loved ones.



Leather is for life!

Remember the time when your grandparents had every item in its original form when the faux market had not hit the shops. Therefore, they had saddleback leather products that were passed on by generations. This is why if you require to give a gift then genuine vintage leather apparel is one that you go for. You will find cheap replacements from Amazon but you can always get a genuine handmade vintage leather jacket or bag from Lexther which is turning out to be the leather choice for a lot of folks across the country.


A vintage leather bag

A bag stays on your side for every battle coming up in the future, be it on the subway or in a fancy meeting at work. No other thing shouts class like a contemporary design in a vintage leather bag. The range can go from a sidekick to a messenger bag that flays across the shoulder in style. You can check out the complete vintage bag collection from Lexther than not only provides class but lifelong products.


A weekend getaway

However, if the person the gift is intended for is a bit of an adventure freak, then there is no better gift than a genuine handmade duffle bag made out of authentic leather. The range in the collection varies from a weekend leather bag to a complete trip bag that fits in the truck as well as the aircraft overhead cabin. A vintage look is something that makes people heads turn. The possibilities are endless if you chose this as a gift.


A vintage leather jacket

However, if you are looking for a unique gift that shouts out a seasoned personality than a motorcycle-styled vintage leather jacket is the perfect gift for this holiday season. A vast variety of designs and distressed colors are available in this collection line that can be chosen as per the person’s desire and usability.



Confused? Get a gift card!

Still confused on which genuine vintage leather apparel to get? Then get a Gift Card that can be used by your loved one for the purchase of any product available on Lexther. Do not miss the opportunity and order right away before the jingle bells start to jingle and you get stuck in a gift snowstorm. 

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