How to rock the leather jacket fashion statement!

How to rock the leather jacket fashion statement!

Leather looks are back in fashion as you see most of the Hollywood celebrities rocking leather jackets, bags, and shoes in their everyday daily life. Leather was considered an expensive commodity that was available for the rich only and the only method of getting a genuine handmade leather bag or a jacket was a hand-me-down by your grandfather. The quality of leather back in the day was intense ad stood the test of time. Furthermore, getting similar leather will now involve breaking your back. Lexther does not want that as it brings affordable genuine handmade leather products right at your doorstep. We also bring you 5 methods by which you can rock the leather look and feel and maybe come across like them celebrities.


The Great Balance

All leather jackets have a Hollywood macho feel; therefore, it is important that you dress purposefully while you have a jacket on. Go for soft apparel like scarves and beanies that lower the tone of these jackets. However, another good idea is getting a genuine handmade leather jacket that is cooler than it is menacing. A great example of one such jacket is the Vintage Racer Brown Genuine Handmade Leather Jacket.

Boots and Bags Add Class

However, on a night out with the boys when you dress to impress, add low cut leather boots with jeans along with a genuine handmade leather satchel to add class. Moreover, you can go with an idea to offset the “statement” of your jacket- let it take the lead, and keep the rest of your outfit relatively muted, casual. You can find the right kind of bag from the genuine handmade collection at Lexther.


Know Your Built

It is important to know your overall physique look along with the jacket style that suits you best. The purpose of a style was designed for and who adopted it can give you great clues about what you might want to try. If you have a sleek body you should opt for Genuine Leather Distressed Brown Full Collar Jacket. However, if you are bulky with a big chest, you should go for the Cosmic Brown Distress Genuine Leather Brando Vintage Jacket.

Know Your Jackets

Bomber jackets are classic Americana and contrast well with more modern pieces like skate shoes and joggers. Cross lapel jackets have a ton of European rock and roll history and go great with slim jeans and oversized, draped tees. A little research goes a long way! 

When Not To Wear a Leather Jacket

When you own a stylish leather jacket like the Genuine Leather Distressed Black Handmade Biker Jacket, you get carried away and start wearing it with everything. However, you need to play the situation a little smartly and know when you cannot go for a genuine leather jacket. Formal and business events are an obvious no-go. Furthermore, it is advisable that you don’t mix your leather apparel with formal wear. However, if you work at Google and casual are the name of the game, and then get the Vintage Racer Brown Genuine Handmade Leather Jacket.


Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect handmade genuine leather jacket that falls under your price range rather than the star that you are looking to emulate, the complete line by Lexther is the way to go. Happy shopping!

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