How To Clean A Leather Bag

How To Clean A Leather Bag

Leather bags and jackets are back in fashion, actually, they never left. However, they weren't cheap in the past and still are an expensive commodity to have. Therefore, taking care of this one time bought entity ensures that your grandchildren carry the same leather bag and pass on the stories that you told them. Some of the most asked question from our customer service team at Lexther include “how to clean my leather bag?”. We ask ourselves how did you even get leather dirty but we are not allowed to say that out loud (LOL). So we came up with this blog post that dignifies methods to clean your genuine handmade leather apparel easily, adding life to the genuine products that we sell.



They say that Alcohol takes out what FBI can’t. This is similar in case of genuine leather apparel. All you need to do is wipe the bag with moderate amounts of Alcohol and later wipe out with a dry cloth. Leaving a layer of olive oil at night once a month is also a known tactic of keeping the bag as fresh as ever.



Various leather cleaning solutions are available in the open market. However, do read the fine print as it defines whether the cleaning material is for genuine leather, faux leather or specific colored leathers. People usually miss out on this information and later damage the bag, claiming warranty which becomes a long hassle.



To clean oil or grease stains, sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on spot. Rub it in gently, with a damp cloth. Let sit for a few hours or overnight. The soda or starch will absorb the oil. Wipe off the powder with a soft cloth.



Dip a Q-tip or a paper towel into some petroleum jelly, and go over the stain using small, circular motions. This is effective on stains caused by color transfers.



If you have a stained area, you can apply lemon juice in small quantities to get rid of it without damaging the bag. Add some vinegar and olive oil for an esteemed overall effect once you clean the stain. Remember to wipe off the mixture with a damp cloth and later a dry one.


In any case, do not use any ammonia-based liquid as it can damage the skin of the bag and decolor it. Even when using water as a solvent, just add dabbing quantities and not pouring ones as it can also cause deformation of the leather. Even when you run out in the rain, do remember to dry the bag as soon as possible.


However, even if a stain latches on to your leather bag, it looks ragged and used. This is the best part of genuine leather bags as they age with grace. Go easy on the curry dropping on the bag, but even if it does you can use the above-mentioned methods to clean the bag. Even if the stain stays, it can be declared a war wound for a long long time to come!

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